New York Giants in City Hall

New York Giants Beat Patriots-- Again By Mercedes Sanchez

Updated: February 5, 2012

History repeats itself? I just remembered that I covered the New York Giants parade four years ago when they won against the Patriots in 2008. I field produced the parade with anchors Darlene Rodriguez and Len Berman. Take a look my original blog post below. Déjà vu?!

New York City hosted its first football celebration in Lower Manhattan's Canyon of Heroes with the New York Giants ticker-tape parade on Tuesday. With over 4,500 seats for guests and fans, the parade ended with a ceremony at City Hall. Whoppi Goldberg and elected officials like Senator Chuck Schumer and Governor Elliot Spitzer said a few words before Mayor Bloomberg gave a key to the city to each of the coaches and players of the NY Giants.

meparade.jpegThough I don't care much for the sport, witnessing the ceremony from the media risers was phenomenal.

Michael Strahan's speech was the most exciting moment for me as he called his teammates a "bunch of goofballs," and explained how they "stomped out" the Patriots and all the other NFL teams. This being Strahan's fifthteenth year with the Giants, his fans don't know if this would be his final year on the team. So in unison fans shouted "one more year, one more year..." But all Michael could say was, "we'll see."

Overall Tuesday, Februay 5, 2008 was a historic day for the New York Giants and the city. Plus, with the unprecented primary election between a woman and an African-American, it was also a historic day for the United States.