So according to our 2007 calendar, Spring is here. And if that's the case, I think it's about time I got rid of my Uggs- not Ugg boots (I don't own a pair of those). I mean my Ugg flats that I bought last winter. At the moment of purchase my intentions were to get the most comfortable pair of flats I came across. When I saw the fleece-lined moccasins in SoHo I knew they were exactly what I was looking for. And since that day in December, I can't seem to step out of them. I wear them three days of the week; my co-workers must think I have no other pair of shoes! Snow, rain (and not sleet- I'd wear my galoshes then) I wore my brown UGG Australia Thelma Moccasins.

And while reading the Times' Sunday Styles section story on how the ballet flats are already hitting the streets of Manhattan while there's still snow on the ground, I couldn't help think of the brave women who continue to wear their cute little shoes despite the slippery streets. Bill Cunningham's piece reads: "The snow hadn’t disappeared from the streets of New York and already the first trend of spring could be seen up and down Madison Avenue: the revival of flat ballet-style shoes."

During the past few weeks I've come face to face with these women and with my fierce eye contact told them "you're nuts!" And though I may have been guilty of wearing flats during inclement weather too, I can at least say mine were keeping my feet warm with fleece... *ms