A Rockstar of a Preview Grand Theft Auto

Xbox 360 and Rockstar Games recently collaborated for an exclusive event that introduced the public to the latest addition (exclusively for Xbox) of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The game is called The Lost and Damned. Same premise, different characters. The idea is that you are now a member of a bike gang that- in addition to completing missions- terrorizes the city the same way any character has ever had for GTA. The Lost and Damned is the first exclusive downloadable add-on episode from Rockstar Games, extending the GTA IV franchise for Xbox 360 owners as they take control of bike gang leader Johnny Klebitz through Liberty City.

The event was HOT. Industry heads and game lovers got the chance to play GTA while enjoying beats from Funkmaster Flex, DJ Enuff and his crew of Heavy Hitters. There were flat screens and Xbox 360 consoles for the guests to try out the game and test their GTA skills. Celebs even showed up, including, Lady J., Mr. C., Laura Styles, L Boogs, DJ Enuff and Tony Touch.   Check out some photos below and the debut trailer of The Lost and Damned.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is now available on Xbox LIVE for 1600 Microsoft Points. - Julio P.