britblog2.jpg Sure most people like pizza. But have you ever had an obsession with a particular pizza? Neither did I... until now. Every few days or so I stop by Ray's on Prince Street, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed one I had never tried before: Ricotta over mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Sounds gross? Don’t under estimate it. I like food that of course tastes good, but that’s also fun to eat. And the ricotta fillings with the tomato sauce and mozzarella make this consumption very enjoyable. But one thing that isn’t so pleasant is the price: $3.50. Does anyone out there remember when pizza in New York cost $1.25?! You too can get a taste of my obsession at: Ray’s Pizza (the first Ray's est. 1959) 27 Prince Street, between Elizabeth and Mott Streets. $3.50. (Don’t forget to sprinkle red crushed peppers and oregano). 212.966.1960 *ms