Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco

By Mercedes Sanchez

nike women's marathon san francisco bechic

Mercedes while walking the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco

This weekend was extraordinary to say the least. I joined 20,000 women at the 2011 Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.

I won't pretend to impress you with my athletic abilities because the truth is I'm no athlete. While I may have jogged for five minutes out of the 4.5 hours, I walked most of the 13.1 miles with other bloggers from our group.

The morning after the Run the Runway Fashion Show in San Francisco's Union Square, our group joined an exclusive morning party at Niketown for the unveiling of the Tiffany and Co. Finishers Necklace which was given to runners/walkers who completed the marathon within six hours.

Visiting San Francisco for the first time was awesome! The only thing I knew about San Fran was whatever I saw in Full House. So I just had to stop by Alamo Square where the intro of the show was shot. (I didn't make it to actual house).

Here are some pictures of my trip to San Francisco and the marathon

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With my Blackberry, I documented each time I accomplished a mile. Take look at the time codes below:

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Disclaimer: This was an all-expenses paid trip sponsored by Nike.