After former senator George Mitchell released a report that states 89 Major League Baseball players including Roger Clemens used illegal performance-enhancing drugs, many sports fanatics have had lots to say on the topic, including Be Chic Mag contributor Antonio Reynoso:

Barry Bonds”. The name alone brings chills down the spine of a baseball purest. “Roger Clemens”. The name brings chills down the spine of -- actually no. The face of steroids should have two faces: That of the greatest hitter of all time, and the other, the greatest pitcher of all time. But recently these favorable names have been made infamous with all the controversial steroid talk. Barry Bonds has argued that race was an important component to his allegations and constant harassment by the media. Was he delusional?

We now have the greatest pitcher of all time- who just happens to be white- also denying the alleged steroid use. Can we expect the same assault by the media on “The Rocket” that Barry received? Or will his 20 plus years of outstanding contribution to the game grant him a pass or less media scrutiny? I regrettably believe his link to steroids will not bring him the same criticism Barry received. Not because of his contribution to the game- which I believe is no more or less that Mr. Bonds- but because he is white.

Roger like Barry had already earned his stripes long before the news of his steroid use. So unlike my Dominican brothers who dream of leaving their poverty stricken lives for fame and fortune, what is Rogers’ excuse? How about greed and his huge ego? Sounds familiar, huh? Oh yea, he’s like a Barry Bonds- a white Barry Bonds. Silence. Keep your eyes focused and your ears prepped. America is about to speak… *Antonio Reynoso