How to plan a sunny staycation this summer

How are you spending your 4th of July? Planning a getaway during the middle of the week is tricky. That's why I booked a last-minute staycation for some fun in the sun in my very own neighborhood. I had such a blast I'm considering making it a new tradition. 

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As some of you know, I started freelancing for an Ad/PR agency a few months ago. As soon as I was done with an important client call, I tried to make it to a local hotel for their pool day pass, but it was sold out! New York City was about to have its first heatwave of the summer and I was adamant about spending an afternoon outdoors and by the water. So that's when I booked a room at a local hotel with a rooftop pool and bar. (In an upcoming post I'll describe my experience and thoughts on spending a weekend among tourists in my beloved Lower East Side.) 

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True story: Before heading out of my apartment, I received a package full of sunblock from Neutrogena! That's when I knew this little getaway was a good idea. The box had all of the essentials including the Neutrogena Beach Defense Water + Sun Sunscreen and the CoolDry Sport Spray with SPF 70. 

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I have a mineral facial sunscreen at home that contains SPF 30, so I was thrilled that the package included the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Dry-Touch Sunscreen with SPF 50. My face is sensitive so I'm extra careful of the products I use. I loved this sunscreen because it's lightweight and goes on smoothly. While sunbathing I reapplied the facial sunscreen many times, and now I apply it daily before leaving the apartment in the morning. 

When the sun started getting brighter, I added the CoolDry Sport Spray over the Beach Defense for some extra protection. It's a personal process of mine which I highly recommend to make sure you don't miss any spots when applying your sunblock. The Beach Defense sunscreen is another favorite of mine as I love that it's oil-free, lightweight, PABA free and water resistant. 

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Water resistance is key when shopping for sunblock - especially if you're like me and are constantly going in and out of the water. 

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Whether you're planning a staycation or flying to a fun destination, remember that daily skincare is a must. During the scorching New York City heat I've been applying my new Neutrogena products daily and only wearing "real" clothes when I have to. For example, I got a pair of petite gym shorts from H&M and I've been wearing it nonstop with a tank top whenever I have to run errands. 

You can create your own SUNday anytime of the week no matter where you are. I am grateful to have spent a relaxing weekend by the pool, but now it's back to work and staying cool this summer. But still, I'll make sure to incorporate some fun in the sun every chance I get. 

So, tell me your summer plans. I want to hear it :)  

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Neutrogena. But as always, all opinions are my own.