Road trippin' to Boston

Where should we drive to next? 

How was your Memorial Day weekend? The family and I took a road trip to Massachusetts to visit my cousins. I haven't seen them in years!  volvo be chic mag

When we got to my cousin's house, we had an ah-mazing lunch thanks to my aunt. She cooked salmon and shrimp in a coconut sauce. It was SO good! We ate it with rice, tostones (fried plantains) and veggies. 

salmon shrimp coconut

After lunch and wine we stopped by Dolce Freddo Gelato for some espresso, cake and ice-cream. Everything was delish! 

dolce freddo gelato Massachusetts

We were afraid it was going to rain, but it didn't. So we took the 2017 Volvo XC90 for a ride to Newbury Port for its scenic views. This car was perfect for a road trip for so many reasons, including the optional third row that fits up to seven passengers. Because we had limited time with the car we were only able to touch upon less than half of what this car can do. There are so many features when it comes to sound, comfort, space, and overall functionality. This vehicle is top of the line - we didn't even have to spend much to fill up the tank.

be chic mag
Mercedes Sanchez of Be Chic Mag travels to Massachusetts 
Latina fashion blogger

Newbury Port, Massachusetts

Volvo XC90

My husband drove to Massachusetts from Manhattan. After three hours of driving, the Volvo asked if it was time for a coffee break or gas refill with a subtle sound and an image of a coffee cup by the dashboard. I was impressed! 

volvo dashboard

 I also enjoyed the "Apple CarPlay" feature which synced with our phone. We were able to listen to our Spotify playlists and listen to incoming text messages. Volvo XC90 be chic mag

But one of my favorite features was the sunroof and the massage features on the driver and passenger seats. With the touch of a button, I could adjust my seat in so many different ways and get a massage. Everyone in the car was able to adjust the temperature by their respective seats (the driver, my parents, and me). My parents were also able to block the sun with the car window shade. 

Volvo XC90 be chic mag

On Saturday evening we took a walk by downtown Boston and stopped by the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There we had a bite to eat at Cheers. 

be chic mag travel

Faneuil Hall MarketplaceFaneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston

On Sunday we took a drive to Fenway Park before heading back to my cousin's for a Memorial Day bbq. The Red Sox were playing a game that afternoon and there were lots of people on the street. It's pretty cool how they have the baseball field right in the middle of the city. (But I can imagine how annoying it can be for those who live nearby.) 

fenway park boston bechicmag

Fenway Park fenway park boston bridge

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

mercedes sanchez volvo

Thanks so much to Volvo for lending us the 2017 Volvo XC90 for our road trip to Boston. If we would want to buy a vehicle while living in New York City, this is one we would definitely consider since it was super comfortable and fit most of our family. Hope we can go on another road trip soon and experience the many other features in the Volvo XC90. 

Where should we drive to next? 

Hasta la próxima!