California Love

After being on a three month hiatus, I decided to follow up on my promise and update you on whether or not I actually made it to L.A. this time. On our first night in Hollywood we went to the Roosevelt Hotel and lounged by the Tropicana pool (the same place where Lauren from The Hill's says she goes every Sunday).

As much as I dislike annoying tourists who stroll down the Manhattan streets when everyone else is rushing to get somewhere, I have to admit I took a double decker bus around Hollywood! But we acted as locals when we had our hair done on Wilshire Blvd and ate at Dolce's (Ashton Kutcher's restaurant) that same evening. My original plans were to attempt to get into Area or Hyde with my girlfriend after a delightful dinner, yet when a friend from New York who just moved to L.A. said she was coming to dinner I knew that our chances for getting into the high-end clubs were even slimmer for the following reasons: a) We weren't on a guest list; b) It was going to be too many of us, and c) I didn't want to spend big money on a bottle. I wasn't in New York so no one would care who I was or that I know so and so. We had the options of going to several other places where I managed to get my name on the list weeks prior to my trip, but instead we went to Club LAX.

And regarding the obstacles I mentioned in the July post: Good news is, I partied like a true rock star. Bad news: I didn't make it to either Hyde Lounge or Billionaire's Beach. Instead of driving to three beaches in one day (we had planned on going to Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu) we fell in love with our first stop and stayed in Venice. *mercedes sanchez