Yes, there are desert-like dunes in the Dominican Republic

travel blogger No. I’m not in Dubai. I am in the Dunes of Baní, the only desert in the Dominican Republic. And the country with the largest dunes in the Caribbean. 

Like many of you, I didn’t know about the dunes until a few years ago. And what’s crazy is that I’ve been going to Baní all my life. And it's right by Las Salinas, a beach I grew up going to. It has black sand and the water is pure, salty, blue and beautiful!

I thought I was the only one who somehow missed the news about the gorgeous sandy landscape on the sea coast. But from my recent Instagram post, I can see I wasn’t alone. I’m glad to be able to share some informative eco-tourism facts while posting pictures of my travels. That was really the best part of visiting the Dunes- sharing the photos and being in awe with so many of you!

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Dunes in Baní, Dominican Republic 

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Upon arrival, my cousins and I walked in with confidence but without water. (Big mistake.) There was a small entrance fee of only $100 pesos which is about $2 U.S. dollars. I was impressed with the view right away but my cousin told me I haven’t seen anything yet. 

So we walked another five minutes or so and that’s when I saw the sandy hill. I’d never seen anything like it. The boys made their way up and got a huge tree branch and slid down. Thinking of the ‘gram, I was like, I need to get up there! And I went for it. 

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It took me a little under four minutes to get to the top. I didn’t realize how big of an exercise it was going to be.  The sand is deep and hot. And although we’re not in Dubai, a turban would have been helpful. 

I took a few breaks in between. Each time I looked up it seemed further and further away. I seriously thought about giving up when I was half way, but I heard my cousins cheering me on. I have to say, that was helpful! Rest of you must, but do not quit, right?! 

I’m so happy and grateful I didn’t stop. The view from the top was amazing. And the ocean is only a few steps away. (I'll post a video next week). 

Here’s a collage of the moment I made it up. 

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Thinking of visiting the Dunes in Dominican Republic? Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. $100 Pesos for the Entrance Fee 
  2. Water (You can bring your own, or buy it from a shop across the street) Watch out for the cars!
  3. Backpack or messenger bag to store your belongings. You’ll need your hands especially while going up the hill. 
  4. Sneakers with socks ;) 
  5. Baseball cap or turban for both the sand or sun 

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What do you think of the dunes?