Visiting Pisa in One Day

Pisa In One Day

leaning tower of pisa tour

When the cruise ship docked in La Spezia, Italy we planned on visiting both Florence and Pisa in one day. But it didn't quite work out that way.

Instead of taking the bus or a taxi we decided to walk 10-minutes to the train station. After waiting on a 30-minute line to buy our tickets from a vending machine, we then waited another half hour for the train to arrive.

We finally made it to Pisa around 12 noon. To save time before heading to Florence later that afternoon, we decided to purchase our ticket to Florence upon arriving at the train station in Pisa.

The walk to The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Field of Miracles took about 20 minutes. (You can also take a city bus for €1.)

After taking a couple of pictures by the tower, we realized there wasn't enough time to visit Florence since the cruise ship was scheduled to leave at 8:00 p.m. You see, Florence is two hours away from Le Spezia and it was already 2:00 p.m. in Pisa.

I have to admit I had a "hissy fit," and drove my husband crazy for a little bit. But I decided to change my mood and have the best day possible in Pisa without rushing or worrying about anything.

leaning tower of pisa
We continued to walk around the Field of Miracles and even visited a church. 

Visiting churches in Europe  church in pisa

Women are not allowed to enter most European churches with shorts and tank tops. So I took out my maxi skirt from my backpack and put my long-sleeved denim shirt back on.

long skirt church in italy

There were two different areas in the church: one for the tourists who only want to take photos and a separate area divided by velvet rope for those who wish to pray by the altar and tabernacle.

Those who weren't "properly" dressed were given a paper-gown similar to hospital scrubs.

After visiting the church for a couple of minutes we took a nice long walk around Pisa and had a late lunch. 

river in pisa italy

Arno River in Pisa

blogger in italy

Mercedes Sanchez in Pisa, Italy 

streets in pisa

pisa royal caribbean

Pizza in Pisa 

italian pizza in pisa

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