So I'm getting ready for my first trip Los Angeles- not to mention my first trip to the West Coast period. (I know, isn't it sad?) After two years of saying that "this is THE year I'm really going to L.A." and never making it, I finally decided to spontaneously book my flight one afternoon and stick to my plans. I knew my girlfriend (who's also my cousin) would be up for the trip and she too booked it as soon as I called her.

Never had I made such a detailed itinerary for a five-day trip. In previous vacations where I spent a month or so in the Caribbean, I would decide the schedule of the day only that very morning- or the night before. Yet, when I only have a few days and so much to do and see- not to mention get into exclusive clubs and dine at Dolce and II Sole- it's imperative to plan ahead.

So far I have worked my magic and gotten our names at some exclusive rooftop bars, clubs along Hollywood and Sunset Blvds and made reservations at high-end restaurants on Melrose Avenue. Yet there are two things on my must-do list that are a little far-fetched, but that doesn't mean they'll stop me from partying like a true rock star. And they are:
a) Get into AREA
b) Tan and swim at Carbon Beach aka "Billionare's Beach" in Malibu

People that might hinder my goal:
a) Snotty SBE receptionists who rep the invitation-only HYDE and celeb-fave AREA who via phone (perhaps I spoke with The Hill's Heidi) who bluntly told me "Well, you have to know the promoters. That's the only way you'll get in and I can't give you their contact info." I appreciated her honesty. Being in the industry and partying at exclusive spots over the years in Manhattan I already know how it works. Yet, I never heard of a company admitting it to a potential customer. That goes to show you one way L.A. and NYC differ.
b) Another obstacle we might face are the County sheriffs on the border of the public and private beaches in Malibu.

Log on to next week to find out if I made it to Area and Billionare's Beach, plus see some photos of my trip to the City of Angels. *mercedes sanchez