Girls sure know how to have fun, especially when put in a hot red vehicle for a two hour drive to Philadephia from Manhattan. So what exactly do women talk about when congested in a car full of estrogen? Anything and everything!

From their careers to men, family, money, traveling, shoes and as much as they try to avoid gossip (or not), these were the top conversation topics discussed between four women in their early twenties during in a recent road trip. With work and bills getting the best of most people daily, it's imperative to take a break from the real word (if only for a day) and act a fool.

I'm sure most guys would just love to crash an all-girls road trip and get a front row seat and see what really goes on when their favorite girls go away. So for those curious minds, I included a sneak peek of what happens when young women leave their everyday worries at home and enjoy a weekend together.

If planning a road trip of your own, here's some advice to make your trip more enjoyable:

1. PACK LITE- For a one day get-away, there is no need to bring a an excess amount of clothing. You should have an outfit for the main event and perhaps a pair of jeans or leggings and another pair of comfortable footwear for sightseeing and the ride back home.

2. OPEN BAR- The sound of those two words together in one sentence may seem like a dream come true, but if you're among 100+ plus people with only two bartenders, an "open bar" can become a total nightmare. After settling in your hotel, it's best you ask the concierge where the local wines and spirits is located and get yourself a pre-made martini or cosmopolitan box or bottle, purchase a small vodka on the side and make your own drinks in your room before hitting your event.

3. BRING SNACKS. Don't forget to pack some treats as you might not run into a diner or fast food restaurant. Besides, you wouldn't want to have our luck and call the local pizza and wings place for a midnight snack only never to have the food delivered! Remember that any city outside of New York isn't the NYC where one could order food at almost any time of the night unlike other places that shut down at 12 a.m.

4. RELAX AND ENJOY. As much as you might be tempted to bring your laptop to get some work done on the ride to your destination, don't do it! Leave your computer and work ethics at home. Most of the fun and bonding takes place during the actual ride, so don't ruin it by being a workaholic.