Weekday getaway to the Sunshine State

The husband and I were all set for a press trip to Montego Bay. Flights were booked. Bags were getting packed. We were ready to hit the white sand beach until we met with our fertility doctor and told her our plans. She strongly suggested we postpone our trip because of the health advisory that was placed for all of South America and the Caribbean (and for a time Miami). I even decided to decline a press trip to Sao Paulo.

So after some thinking I canceled the trip to Jamaica and we decided on Orlando. Compared to Brazil and Montego Bay, Orlando sounds a bit boring. BUT, I'm happy to say that I'm super pleased with our brief getaway to the Sunshine State. We made the best of the three days. Thanks to Mazda we drove to Tampa to visit family and stopped at Daytona Beach where I got to walk with my bare feet in the sand.

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Riding through Florida with Mazda Daytona beach travel

Day 1: Orlando and Tampa 

Upon arriving in Orlando, we picked up our car rental. The folks at DriveShop lent us the 2017 Mazda Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door. (Thanks to the husband for driving!) We called the hotel ahead of time to request an early check-in. Those are never guaranteed, but they were able to accommodate us early. We had breakfast and then headed to Tampa to visit family. Here I am playing a game of Candyland with my cousin's daughters.

Tampa travel We made it back in Orlando by 8:00 p.m. and visited another cousin of mine.

Day 2: Universal Studios 

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Tuesday was all about Harry Potter! Thanks to Universal Orlando for inviting us to Universal Studios. It was my fourth time there, but my very first time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Because we went during the week, the lines were short. The most we waited for a ride was 20 minutes. We had the "Express" ticket which allows us to "skip" lines, but those weren't valid for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We were able to use the "Express" ticket at Island of Adventure before getting on the Hulk roller coaster. (I almost chickened out! I'm glad I didn't. It was so much fun.)

Hogwarts Orlando be chic mag

Watch our YouTube video for more photos from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I also do some car karaoke in the vlog. Check it out.

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Day 3: Daytona Beach 

Daytona beach travel

The ride from Orlando to Daytona Beach was about an hour and 30 minutes. It was a smooth ride in the Mazda which has a super cool moonroof. As usual I spent most of the ride singing along to old songs in every genre you can think of. (Watch the video).

Although it was 80 degrees, the water was still pretty cold so we didn't get in. I'm just grateful to have walked on the sand with my bare feet.

Day 4: Back to New York City If you're thinking of booking a weekday getaway, I strongly recommend it. Lines in the parking lot, hotel and attractions were shorter than usual. (However, the security lines in the airport were still long.)

For long or short road trips like mine, consider a comfortable and safe car like the Mazda Mazda 3. I loved the moonroof and adjustable seats. mercedes sanchez travelLatina travel blogger

Do you have any travel plans? Where are you headed?