Passion Fruit, Dulce de Leche and more Gourmet Sauces with Umikah

umikah nyc launch.JPG

I can’t let September go by without letting you know of a fun event I attended earlier this summer. Latina Chef Uchi Davidzon launched a delicious line of international sauces. You might recognize Uchi from her blog

Davidzon’s new business, The UMIKAH Company, specializes in unique taste sauces and curds. To start, UMIKAH launched three flavors: Passion Fruit, Yuzu and Dulce de leche with chocolate. And if you follow me on Insta, you know I LOVE passion fruit!

Davidzon says Umikah is the natural ally for those who love homemade food and have limited time, and that all the ingredients are natural, with no preservatives and locally produced. 

Browse (and pin) these picturesque delicacies:

umikah uchi davidson.JPG
umikah desserts.jpg
umikah new york.jpeg

Congrats, Uchi!