A Personal Reflection Freedom

Have you ever just stopped and examined your life? I did, and I came to the conclusion that nothing really matters. Three years ago when I worked at the New York Post I had what I thought were the best years of my life. From going to high profile events, skipping to the front of lines because I was "too good" to ever be on one, to attending endless networking functions where everyone was full of shit but couldn't stand the chance of not being seen or meeting that one person who will change their lives. I was one of those people, and admit that I occasionally turn on the switch whenever it's convenient. But I realized, having phony conversations and going to event after event just gets tiring. I'm on a no-bullshit tolerance thus causing my fashion/social hiatus.

I gave up my stilettos and BCBG flats for my worn out, brown Tommy Hill flip flops and my skinny jeans for my red, hippie, printed ankle-length skirt. I exchanged my debit card (which I used more often on cosmo's and monthly bills) for a brand new library card. And out of the 500 songs on my iPod nano, I only seem to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers over and over.

Even Fashion Week Spring 2009 wasn't the same this year for me. My desk is full of invites of which I only RSVP'd to two including Elle.com and Nigel Barker's cocktail party that took place in Bloomingale's this evening. However, I missed yet another event. This is a different lifestyle which makes it somewhat frightening, but the truth is I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at all.

Have you ever left everything you thought made you you?