Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy for Look-alike

By Mercedes Sanchez Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy for using look-alike model, Melissa Molinaro, in its February commercial.

The Associated Press says Kardashian's lawsuit claims consumers may be confused by the ads and the model's actual endorsements, which include her own clothing store and shoe line.

Kardashian "has invested substantial time, energy, finances and entrepreneurial effort in developing her considerable professional and commercial achievements and success, as well as in developing her popularity, fame, and prominence in the public eye," the lawsuit states.

Not that I don't think she's smart enough, but I have a feeling this lawsuit was all Kris Jenner's idea.

Oh, and get this! It's rumored that Molinaro is dating Kim's ex, Reggie Bush!

Do you think Kim is right in suing Old Navy/Gap Inc?

Take a look at the commercial below and let me know your thoughts!

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