On September 20th editorial director of Latina Magazine Betty Cortina announced she is resigning. The news came out only one day after I posted an article on an embarrassing error Cortina made on live television earlier this month.

In my article I discussed how on September 5th, Cortina- as editor of the largest Latino publication in the United States - should have never made. At a local New York morning news show she stated that Julia Alvarez is Puerto Rican when in fact she's Dominican. The average person might not know this small fact, but a flop like this is careless and irresponsible for someone with a title such as hers. Worst part of all: She didn't even realize she messed up.

I posted the article on early September 19 and the following day, the magazine sent out a press release stating that Betty resigned to "pursue personal interests." Replacing Cortina is Mimi Valdes Ryan, the former editor of Vibe Magazine.

And according to Marketing y Medios, Mediaweek Monitor says the magazine has been suffering with ad rates. They state that, "In early August, Latina’s print ad pages were down 16.8 percent to 486.6 this year through August. Circulation remained flat in the second half of 2006, reaching 416,617, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations...There have been numerous shakeups so far this year at Latina Media Ventures. "

I don't know what made Cortina resign, but I do find it pretty damn cool that only a day after I wrote posted my piece, the publication announced she was leaving. Major coincidence! Who knows, maybe she read my blog? Actually, I doubt she read my piece, but whatever made her quit (or be asked to go) I wish her well. Click here to read my original post. *ms