By Mercedes Sanchez While Penelope Cruz says she doesn’t need a husband to raise a child, we’re relieved that someone in Tinseltown still believes in the concept of family. Mario Lopez told Us Weekly that plans to marry 28-year-old Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza are “on the way” and since his girl is so hot, impregnating her a few more times might be on his agenda:

"She looks great! I want to keep her pregnant all the time…I take care of her and treat her like a princess and get her anything she wants. I try to feed her all the time because I want a real healthy fat baby."

The lovebirds met in 2008 while Lopez co-starred in The Chorus Line, and in March they announced Courtney’s pregnancy. Mario, if you’re serious about marrying her, when’s the big day?

"We have a big year this year because she moved out here. We got a new house, a new dog, new baby... so it's on the way. There is no rush. It's exciting."

No rush? That’s quite a contradiction. If you ask us, it all seems rather fast: Courtney’s relocation. House. Dog. Baby. Those are big steps to take in a matter of months, so why not just put a ring on it? Considering Lopez’s last marriage (which lasted a short two weeks), we might want to keep our expectations to a minimum. Regardless, we wish the mom-to-be a happy and safe delivery in September. We also can’t wait to see what sort of offspring their killer genes create!

- Mercedes