Real Housewives of NYC are Back!

It comes down to the happy people sticking together and the unhappy people sticking together- Alex McCord By Mercedes


The moment many of us have been waiting for has arrived. The Real Housewives of New York City is back with the premiere of season three tonight on Bravo!

I hung out with some of the ladies at a private screening last week at Tenjune and they said this will be the most "explosive" season yet! While Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and "Countess" LuAnn de Lesseps where missing in action, I caught up with Ramona, Alex (and Simon) and Bethenny. Two new wives, event planner Jennifer Gilbert and former model Sonja Morgan, also shared why they signed up for the show.

See what they all had to say in our Q&A below the photo gallery. Ramona, how did this party come about? All of us worked our butts off. So I wanted to celebrate. Bravo this year did not want to throw us a party. They were very gracious last year so I said you know what, 'I'll give us a party. I'll host it.' Tenjune was elegant enough to give us this place, and my friend Andrea from Elegant Affairs did all the food.

I like to have fun and I like to celebrate. I worked my ass off this season because I wanted to assure that we had a successful third season. I came up with the idea of the yacht. They don't come up with it. I had a friend rent me his yacht for the day. I leased it. They said we can't do it (the show). I said we have to do it. It's going to be spectacular. I came up with the idea that I wanted to renew my vows- something that I personally felt but I thought I wanted to share with the show.

What do you think of the new housewife Jennifer Gilbert? No comment? Not much. I didn't interact with her. In all sincerity, she came near the end. I knew Sonja from before. So Sonja and I had great chemistry. I didn't really feel it with Jennifer. So I really have no opinion but she seems like a nice enough girl. I really don't know her.

Alex and Simon, what made you sign up for the show again? Alex: I think there are more stories that we had to tell. Simon: Season one is baptism by fire. Season two you're relaxed. We know what not to do and what to do-we think.

The women from Orange County often discuss their marital problems. How do you keep a strong bond? Alex: Well, it's hard to judge because we know how shows get put together, and we know how they get edited for drama. But one of the things that's great about us is people always want to know who's in control and what's happening- but really for us it's like a relay race.

Simon: In Season 3, Alex doesn't work a 9 to 5 desk job anymore. You see her filming a lot more during the day when I'm not around which again is real. In some way, we're the realest. In the beginning, we were on it so much. Going through this roller coaster of a reality show is an interesting ride; we don't recommend it for everybody. You have to be very confident in yourself.

Alex: You have to have rhino skin. I think the most successful people in reality TV, deep down they are happy and we are. It's interesting because there's a new girl- two new girls actually- who joined this season and Sonja is one we had a chance to film with a lot and she's a happy girl. It's fun to be around happy people. I would almost say that it comes down to the happy people sticking together and the unhappy people sticking together.

Bethenny, what can we expect to see in season three? It's been a great show. It's been good to me. This season is crazy. Completely tumultuous. I'm pregnant. I get engaged. The most rocky season ever.

One of the housewives just told me that the happy people stick together while the unhappy stick together. What do you make of her comment? I think there are definitely alliances that shifted and some of us found each other and decided to not think about labels. We sort of just found who are really the good people- like the quality of the honest people.

Things are going great for me. I have a spin-off show coming up. My second book is on the New York Times Best Seller list. Skinny Girl Margarita is flying off the shelves.

Jennifer Gilbert, how did you interact with the housewives? I channel Oprah, and I try to get everyone to kind of calm down and take a minute and breathe and go to a place of happy thoughts. I think three things surprised me. One is how many people are obsessed with the show. Two, how much time it was going to take out of my life. Three, that it's not scripted. It really is not. So the drama is real. The relationships are real.

Sonja Morgan, I've been hearing great things about you. What keeps your spirits so high? I'm the first to laugh at myself. I'll wear the lampshade at the party. I'll do whatever I have to do to make sure everyone's having a good time. I'm happy because when I wake up and I have my health, I have it all. And I have my family.

The show first came to me when it was Manhattan Moms, but I backed out because I was newly divorced and I had a young kid. I didn't know how life was going to be. I mean, rough is rough enough, right? So then I saw my girlfriends are doing really well looking more beautiful. Countess LuAnn is a good friend. Ramona is a good friend. Then I ran into Jill Zarin. Then I ran into Bethenny, a good friend. I'm like, 'They're having a ball. Why am I so afraid.' So I called them, and they said, "Honey, you're onto Bravo and NBC now."

Watch what happens tonight on Bravo!