I don't get tired of visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

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Well, talk about a delayed post. Although I did tons of sharing on Instagram stories and a few Facebook Lives during the trip, I am just now getting to writing about my Universal Studios #HolidayLikeThis hosted visit. We stayed at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a family friendly resort that's walking distance to the park's new Volcano Bay waterpark. Watch the live videos at the bottom of the post. 

All the pictures posted here are original photos I took. 

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One of the first things I think about when booking a trip is where and how we are going to eat breakfast. In addition to the amazing pool and convenient family suites, I was most impressed by the budget-friendly menu in the hotel's cafeteria. Most hotels I've been to jack up their food prices, but the Cabana Bay Beach resort makes it so that families of all sizes can enjoy their trip without having to spend so much. 

I also loved the fact that the Volcano Bay waterpark is walking distance! 

The husband and I got on many of the water rides on a Saturday morning and left the most "thrilling" ride for last. 

I haven't been in a roller coaster since high school (or has it been since college?) Either way - it's been a very long time. But for some reason I got mega brave and decided I wanted to try the Ko'okiri Body Plunge, a 125 foot drop through a super tight door at an 70-degree-angle. We climbed more than 90 steps and got a great view of the park (that's how high we were) before getting into that door and dropping into the pool. 

I personally don't recommend this "ride" or drop to anyone. First, I'm afraid of heights but somehow pushed myself all the way to top. And second, there was water going up my nose the entire time during the drop. So on top of the fear of going down super fast, I couldn't breathe well. And then boom! You're dropped into the pool. I was like "what the fudge?!" The thrill was gone. I was just like "why?" Why does this even exist?!

Volcano Bay also has the cutest cabanas. These are perfect if you're traveling with a big group. The cabanas have towels and water and provide you with a drink and food menu. It can be a great place to catch a break and hide under the shade. 

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During our stay at Universal Studios, we stopped by the Loews Portifino Bay hotel for an Italian Dinner. In addition to their menu, there was also a pasta bar. It was delish!

Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez at Universal's Loews Portifino Bay 

Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez at Universal's Loews Portifino Bay 

On the last full day at the Universal Studios, our group went on a tour to see the latest park attractions like Jimmy Fallon's "Race Through NYC," the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and some of our all-time favorite rides like The Mummy.

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In the late afternoon, we went to our VIP sections for an up close and personal view of Universal's Holiday Parade featuring Macy's. I gotta tell you. I knew the show was going to be nice, but I didn't expect it to be amazing! There was something about seeing those oversized balloons up close and watching how many people it takes for the production to succeed that really made it magical. 

Take a look at photos from the parade below. You can also watch the video I captured during the parade. 

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Hope you enjoyed our trip recap! Thanks again to Universal Studios for hosting our trip.