Dress up any outfit with winter neutrals

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I have to admit I don’t “dress up” as much as I used to. I’ve always been more about comfort versus fashion, but I am taking the more casual route a little too serious. Even for my taste. Unless I have an appearance, a meeting or a special occasion, I can assure you I’ll be dressed down.

But I’m here to remind you - and myself - that you can still add a little “chic” to your casual preference by pairing your outfit with the right accessories. For example, I wanted to rock my favorite blue jeans , Bob Marley T-shirt and hoop earrings to a family function a few weeks ago. I did.

winter gray blogger.JPG

Winter grays and winter neutrals are an easy way to add a classic touch to any outfit - even when wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Accessories like a wool hat, matching purse and white booties balance the monochromatic look. The hoop earrings are one of my favorite pieces; these are from Forever 21.

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Do you dress up in the winter?